Friday, June 13, 2014

Tutorial : Golden Baby Roshan Visual Bug

Hello Guys , its me again . Well yeah i know this trick already old but some of us dont even know how to turn our Genuine Smeevil  into Golden Baby Roshan . I'll show you guys on how to turn it step by step .

First the thing you need is :
  • Baby Roshan ( If you have a Roshan with an effect, it will add the effect to it. )
Okay , lets get started :
  1. Buy a courier .
  2. Make sure you equipped the Baby Roshan courier in the player's loadout before activating it .
  3.  Once the courier is activated, equip the genuine smeevil in the player's loadout (
  4. You may or may not need to upgrade your courier into a flying one
  5. Congratulations! you now saved thousand of dollars by having a bugged roshan :P  

Good Luck and have fun guys :D

(Just some random picture about roshan ) 


  1. wow thanks for sharing this .

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Thank You for the comment . I will help u asap ! :)