Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Oracle - Day 2

As you know, in the early morning ,  Valve already post update for Foreseer's Contract which showing that Oracle almost complete for the main client and they changed the skills icon for Oracle . Along with the update , Phantom Assassin ARCANA also released as pre-order with -20% discount until 7 December 2014 . New treasure box from DOTA CINEMA that contain versatile sets for Clockwork, Centaur, Venomancer, Necrophos and Timbersaw and get a chance for super rare drop Angel&Demon Courier.
                                                                               Comparison between old and new skills icon

                                                                                                        Old Icons

                                                                                                        New Icons

                                                                                          Phantom Assassin ARCANA
  Custom Effect


  • Weapon evolves and changes colors as Phantom Assassin fulfills contracts in the Nemesis Assassin Event
  • Enemies see a special splash effect when struck by Coup de Grace
  • Kills are marked on the battlefield with a Paradox Memorial
  • Custom spell effects for all abilities
  • New dual wielding animations
  • Custom base skin with special ambient effects
  • Custom loadout pose and effects

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Credit to
  1. Reddit
  2. DotA2

Saturday, November 15, 2014

OMG ! Oracle Incoming ?!

New update with code name FORESEER CONTRACT will be  launch  soon to main client as Oracle will be added to heroes pool . Additionally , Phantom Assassin's ARCANA will be released too !!

Here is some leak pictures about Oracle icon and skill icons .

                                                                                                   Hero Icon

                                                                                                     SKILLS Icon

Make sure you vote your favourite heroes set HERE

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Asus ROG Dreamleague Season 1 Winner

First of all , congrats to the Champion , The Alliance! Well Played . Its was a epic best of 5 final game between Alliance and Cloud9 . Believe me it was very awesome in game 5 when EGM steal enigma blackhole . So many intense games and the atmosphere was already energetic.

Ingame Replays [you can download them without compendium and rewatch them!]:
  • Game 1: dota2://matchid=723637942
  • Game 2: dota2://matchid=723729189
  • Game 3: dota2://matchid=723850342
  • Game 4: dota2://matchid=723952356
  • Game 5: dota2://matchid=724015106
Copy paste the link in your browser, press enter, it asks you if it should open the preconfigured app.

Enjoy the video of  last fight of the 5th Game

The placement as following (according to /u/cyborgmatt on his website):
  1. [A]lliance: $73,051]
  2. Cloud 9: $41,526
  3. Empire: $31,526
  4. Mouz: $26,526
  5. Fnatic: $23,526
  6. Evil Geniuses: $20,526
P/S - Next Lan Game - TI4 !!! see ya 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tutorial : Golden Baby Roshan Visual Bug

Hello Guys , its me again . Well yeah i know this trick already old but some of us dont even know how to turn our Genuine Smeevil  into Golden Baby Roshan . I'll show you guys on how to turn it step by step .

First the thing you need is :
  • Baby Roshan ( If you have a Roshan with an effect, it will add the effect to it. )
Okay , lets get started :
  1. Buy a courier .
  2. Make sure you equipped the Baby Roshan courier in the player's loadout before activating it .
  3.  Once the courier is activated, equip the genuine smeevil in the player's loadout (
  4. You may or may not need to upgrade your courier into a flying one
  5. Congratulations! you now saved thousand of dollars by having a bugged roshan :P  

Good Luck and have fun guys :D

(Just some random picture about roshan )