Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Compendium Immortal Treasure 1

Earlier this morning Valve just updated the first Immortal treasure and cursor pack . All Compendium owners will receive this treasure start from 8.P.M PST .. This treasure containing 7 unique and versatile Immortals for Luna, Magnus, Sand King, Spirit Breaker, Pugna, Huskar, Nightstalker and very rare bonus item Luna Golden Version .

Watch the video of new Immortal below .

Iron Surge for Spirit Breaker
 Helmet with custom Charge of Darkness ability effect.

Moonfall for Luna
 Shield with custom Lucent Beam and Eclipse ability effects.

Shock Of The Anvil for Magnus
 Weapon with custom Shock Wave ability effect.
Draining Wight for Pugna
 Nether Ward with custom mana flare ability effect.

Barren Crown for Sand King 
 Helmet with custom Burrow Strike ability effect.

Seering Dominator for Huskar
 Helmet with custom Life Break ability effect.

Black Nihility for Night Stalker
 Rare 5 piece full set with custom Void ability effect.

Golden Moonfall for Luna
 Extremely Rare Golden version of Moonfall .

They are all look badass very nice isn't ? Get your compendium now and you will get immortal treasure that contains new immortals .

Source : DotA 2

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Oracle - Day 2

As you know, in the early morning ,  Valve already post update for Foreseer's Contract which showing that Oracle almost complete for the main client and they changed the skills icon for Oracle . Along with the update , Phantom Assassin ARCANA also released as pre-order with -20% discount until 7 December 2014 . New treasure box from DOTA CINEMA that contain versatile sets for Clockwork, Centaur, Venomancer, Necrophos and Timbersaw and get a chance for super rare drop Angel&Demon Courier.
                                                                               Comparison between old and new skills icon

                                                                                                        Old Icons

                                                                                                        New Icons

                                                                                          Phantom Assassin ARCANA
  Custom Effect


  • Weapon evolves and changes colors as Phantom Assassin fulfills contracts in the Nemesis Assassin Event
  • Enemies see a special splash effect when struck by Coup de Grace
  • Kills are marked on the battlefield with a Paradox Memorial
  • Custom spell effects for all abilities
  • New dual wielding animations
  • Custom base skin with special ambient effects
  • Custom loadout pose and effects

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