Monday, May 7, 2012

Updated : DotA 6.74c AI v1.3b (Fixed)

Hello fellas , a few days ago , PBMN (Please Bug Me Not) has come with fixed AI map  in form of DotA 6.75 AI  6.74c AI v1.3b . This is 2nd release after DotA 6.74c AI v1.3 map which many fixes  many bug found earlier . Hopefully , this map is stable and no more bug found .

Changelog :
  • Miscellaneous item & spell fixes.
  • Various AI Tweaks.
  • Fixed Item Duplication bug.
  • Game modes now work properly       

    Download Link : DotA 6.74c AI v1.3                   

    P/S : Once again , thanks to PBMN for such update :)              

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DotA 6.74c AI

First of all , sorry to all my fan cause late to update my blog , this is because im little bit busy
Here is the latest DotA AI MAP .

DotA 6.74c AI

Download it here - DotA 6.74c AI

Changelog : 
- Ported to the IceFrog's DotA 6.74c.
- New Item system
- Lots of AI tweaks, modifications.
- Added four new heroes to AI:
  • Dragonus, Skywrath Mage
  • Rizzrak, Goblin Shredder
  • Xin, Ember Spirit
  • Tresdin, Legion Commander
Special Thanks to PBMN team :)

Credit To - DotA-Utilities

Sunday, March 11, 2012

DotA 6.74 Official Map

Yesterday night , when i visit GetDotA , i saw dota 6.74 was ready for dl :)
Many changes were make and bug fixes . DotA 6.74 will be mark as stable after a tournament within a month .  btw ogre magi was imba