Sunday, January 30, 2011

DreamDota[BETA] - Advanced Micro Hack Tool

What is DreamDota ?
A.DreamDota is an advanced micro hack for DotA which works both and Garena. This hack is specially designed for DotA players and it has some cool features such as. Auto Creeping (last hitting and deny), Damage Viewer, Ping Maphack, Scoreboard hotkey and more. Check it out!

- Some Anti-virus Programs detects DreamDotA as a virus, it is because of the the DreamDota encryption. It's a false positive. Just add DreamDotA in your Anti-virus exceptions list.
- Edit DreamDota.ini file, if you want to change the hotkeys of DreamDota. You may check Keycodes.txt file for the possible hotkeys.
- Use DreamDota at your own risk, zulmacho21 will not be responsible if anything happens to you.

Installation Guide:
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• Download DreamDota.
• Extract the files in your Warcraft 3 Folder.
• Go to Garena Ultimate Folder , Run That cracked
•Press Start Button.
•Go to Single Player > Custom Map > DotA > Start >
Then Quit > Go to Local Area Network > Then Join Any

Download Link:

GarenaZero Membership Expiry Date Change

This is a simple program to complement with the GarenaMaster's Gold Membership Style by changing the Expiry date of your Gold Membership (client-sided) . Theoretically, this should only work on any REAL BASIC MEMBER accounts (I have not tested it with Gold Membership account) to protect people from frauds.

Download: (210.38 KB)


Credits : GarenaZero

P/S This is only client sided  

DotA ProMode Patch 6.69c-6.71b

This modifier map DotA Allstars, which slightly changes the graphical part of the map, which gives the player a few small advantages. The patch is compatible with the original card (that is, you can play with those players who have this patch is not). All the changes the patch will be visible only to you.

  • Simplified terrain and trees for improved vision and resource management
  • Tower attack range circle drawn
  • Shadowfiend's nuke range is drawn
  • When -ah is activated, a built in maphack is activated (without -ah, this map does not have maphack)
  • Improved model/color for various heroes (easier to click, completely negates blur)
 Download Link: 
       - Click here to download [Dota 6.69c pm patch]
       - Click here to download [Dota 6.70 pm patch]
       - Click here to download [Dota 6.70c pm patch]
       - Click here to download [Dota 6.71 pm patch]
       - Click here to download [Dota 6.71b pm patch]   

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Warcraft 3 Video Configure

This Software Is Easy To use...
Just Press War3 Video Configure And Your Problem Will Solved!

Download Link


MediaFire   -> Password 1234567