Monday, May 30, 2011

Which DotA Platform are the bestest?

There are many DotA platform at anywhere.Such as Garena,Dotapod,Darer Entertainment,Ranked Gaming Client (RGC),Battle.Net and etc....

Garena    - 35%
DotAPod - 10 %
RGC        -  20%
Darer Entertainment - 15%
Battle.Net - 5 %
etc - 15 %

I had tested all platform and garena has a nice layout.RGC is rich with captain mode, while DotApod has a 5x speed...

 Download Link
Garena -
DotAPod -
Darer -

Sunday, May 29, 2011

GarenaMaster Version: 75.01

Changelog :
- bugfix. 

- Compatible with new garena update [25/05/2011]
- 'Show User Info' will now print a System Message on room with: Nick, UID, IP and Real Ping. 

- Fixed Host Hack
- Added 'Search Nick in room and show the UID'
- Added a poll about a possible vip feature to be added in future, VOTE!
- Fixed some others bugs. 

Download Link :  

Friday, May 27, 2011

Garena Ultimate - GoodGame

Garena Ultimate Exp Hack is now available for download and guide is also available. This is a simple Garena Ultimate Exp hack tool it does not have any This hack just provies mega exp 150 for basic and 300 for Gold Member per 15 mintues. I added it because a lots of people were asking for it. Please continue reading to check the download link and guide of using Simple Garena Ultimate Exp Hack.

Function :


5 Sec Remove

Room joiner (f12)

Exp Hack Basic / Gold 15min/50 15min/100


GoodGame Skin

12 Server

Admin Function

Download Link :



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bleach Vs One Piece

This fun maps