Sunday, November 10, 2013

DotA 6.79 TEST 3 Download

So as DotA 2 had been developed faster than DotA 1 , its had a massive changes in DotA history where some gameplay and skill reworked  .. Hope you guys enjoy it

Changelog : 

* Buyback prevents gaining unreliable gold (creeps, neutrals, etc) until your normal respawn time finishes
* When buying back, 25% of the remaining respawn time will be added to your next death

* Creeps now meet a bit closer to the tower in your offlane
* Ranged Heroes now get the same denied experience as melee heroes (instead of less)
* XP AoE increased from 1200 to 1300

* Non-Ancient Neutrals now split XP with all heroes in the AoE instead of just the team that killed them
* Swapped the medium pullable Neutral Camp with the small camp
* A neutral creeps camp will no longer spawn the same set of neutral creeps twice in a row
* Small reduction to the pull timing duration of the mid Sentinel and mid-top Scourge . . . .
         See Full Changelog

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Source : Playdota

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