Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GarenaDevil Invoker Tool v2.00

This Tool Is Great For Invoker :)
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Garena Anime Skin :D

I have found new garena skin..
this skin is so cool to anime fans.. :D

Hope u all stay cool with this skins :)

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Gravity Garena Skin - Cool Skins :)

Here Is Some Garena Skins For All...
All these skins were made by "Gravity".

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Monday, June 27, 2011

DotA 6.71b AI | Official DotA v6.71b AI Plus Map Download

The DotA 6.71b AI Map is now released by PleaseBugMeNot. He has successfully ported all the official v6.71b changes to AI script. DotA v6.71b AI is codenamed as, "VENGEANCE", it contains dynamic exp/gold mode which improves AI makes them even harder to beat. Check the DotA 6.71b AI map and it's details.

DotA 6.71b AI Map Download:

DotA v6.71b (7 MB)


1. All the data from 6.71/6.71b changelist at the official DotA website. Too long to paste it all here.


1. New Dynamic Exp/Dynamic Gold mode. Here are some explanations how it works:
AI have bonus rate in XP and GOLD. Human rate is 100% XP and 1 GOLD / 0.875s (8G / 7s). AI rate is higher than that.

So, when AI hero kills, he gets -15% xp, and -4G/7s (from current bonus rate) and if the current rate is higher than the starting rate, it resets to starting rate
- When AI hero dies, he gets + 15% xp, and +4G/7s (to current bonus rate), if current rate is lower than starting rate, it resets to starting rate.
- When AI hero gets an assist, he gets -7% xp and -2G/7s (from current bonus rate)
- Min rate for AI is human rate (it won't get lower than that), there is no max rate.
2. Two new sections in the scoreboard showing the current AI XP and GOLD rate. There might be up to 2.5s delay in scoreboard update for the rate.
3. De/Dg mode is enabled by default, unless ne/ng is enabled.
4. Various internal fixes. The big job for fixing the broken AI for 6.72 will begin soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DotA Imba 3.77b AI EN

DotA IMBA 3.77b AI EN Map is one more addition in the huge database of DotA based fun-mode maps. The term imba is derived from "Imbalance" word which is often used as online gaming slang. DotA IMBA is certainly an imbalance map, It has IMBA-fied abilities of every hero in DotA. Imagine meat hook with 3500 range and POTM's Elune arrow going through the whole map.


• Imba Hero Spells/Abilities
• More powerful items.
• Obtain a free random item (from Ancient of Wonders shop)
• Achievement Points
• Improved Visual effects
• New Hero: Ice Phoenix
DotA IMBA v3.77b AI EN Download:
DotA-IMBA-3.77b.rar (mirror 1)

Download the map and extract it in your "Warcraft 3\Maps\Download" folder.

The cool feature about this map is, You can play it offline against computer (AI bots) and have fun, This map has some extra items too for more fun which is pretty amusing. DotA IMBA was originally created by Chinese map developer(s) Mimya, later Harreke provided English translation of this map. Make sure you play this map with your friends, You won't regret!

Monday, June 13, 2011

DotA 6.72c Promode

This modified map DotA, which slightly change the graphic of the map that gives the player a few advantages.
The patch is compatible with the original map (that is, you can play with those players who do not have this map)(AkA Collided).
All the changes of the patch will be visible only for you.

Download Link

- DotA 6.72c Pro-Mode Patch.rar

Sunday, June 12, 2011

DotA Myths and True Facts

1 : Myth:
Pressing F1 or ctrl + 1234567890 which already binded to your hero all together will make you regen faster than normal in your fountain.
False. The regeneration rate is still the same, only the number refreshes faster.
2 :  Myth:
Buying Vlads will get your illusions a lifesteal.

False. Illusion didn't get the lifesteal effect from Vampiric Aura or cleave from Battlefury. However, illusion can still get Feedback orb from Diffusal Blade (only melee) and Radiance aura.
3 : Myth:
Using Battlefury, the Omnislash are cleaved.
False. Only the additional slash will be cleaved. The true slash will remain intact without cleave.
4 : Myth:
Quelling Blade makes last hitting easier.
Half true. While it can help you increase the damage for last hitting creeps, on some heroes like Leviathan, Nerubian Weaver and Juggernaut, their attack animation is changed and thus make it harder to last hit.
5 : Myth:
Stacking Vanguards increases your block damage.
False. Stacking Vanguards increases the block chance, not the block number.

With 2 Vanguards you will still block 40/20 (melee/range) dmg, but at a higher percentage (70% for 1, 91% for 2).
6 : Myth: 
Dropping items that give int but no mana reg while at fountain will make you regen faster.

True. Fountain mana regeneration is based on max mana % + 7 mana/second. So, dropping an energy booster, int threads, etc, will make you regenerate your mana faster at fountain.

GarenaDevil v13

GarenaDevil v13

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Warcraft III: Added GarenaDevil Heroes Dagger Tools

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Source: GarenaDevil
Credits: JustFashion
                                         Use It At Your Own Risk.. :D 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

[Tool] Garena Spam RoomS Bot 3.5d [English/Russian]

Tongue Garena Spam RoomS Bot 3.5d [English/Russian] 

Well for starters differences from previous versions:

1) optimized for maximum
2) Do not trubeyutsya lists of rooms
3) When upgrading gareny bot will still work
4) Added new required functions
5) The message is no longer needed at the beginning and the end to put a bunch of enterovirus
6) Previously spam always begins with 1 room, now with that which you put
7) and m

New features:

1) Since garena updated anti-flooding became stronger (test off the client)
Add a tick "Anti Anti Flood" - before the message is (*) where * is the three digit number randomly

2) If spam is not with Goldie, it often comes in the room (because they are overcrowded)
used to be that even if he did not go still trying to spam because of what when entering the room at the top was a lot of your posts
Add a check "not spam, if not in the room"

3) On a new client, a big minus, alas, spam will come only when garena will be on top of other windows (ie the focused)
otherwise they will crawl errors so Toko
Add a tick "Spam only if garena active" - so that no errors

4) Previously, a lot of time asking, but how to make the spam infinitely (well, if there is 100,500 times to copy the room would have been infinitely)
Add a checkmark if the room is over, start over "- as Toko reaches the end starts from the beginning

5) Those who are spamming the night and need it
I put the night on 15 minutes got out Message from kaspersokogo garena and ceased to be active, because of what spam is over
Add a tick every 5 seconds to do garenu active - every 5 seconds displays garenu on top of other windows

This is a free version of spammer!!!

Download Link :
Download via MediaFire 

Garena Skin by GarenaHero

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