Saturday, September 3, 2011

DOTA 2 User Interface in Details!

After DotA 2 tournament,it's had been reveal the DotA 2 appearance..
Let's check it out :D

The Interface above is the captain pick images...Seriously i love this interface :)

Now, let’s move on the actual game play appearance!

Let’s see what we got from the above image:
1. Radiant’s kill
2. Radiant’s team name
3. Death count down timer (below each hero icon)
4. Radiant heroes icon
5. Game time and day/night indicator
6. Dire’s team name
7. Dire’s kill
8. Minimap
9. Hero’s face and name
10. Level indicator
11. Experience bar
12. Hero’s stats
13. Health and Mana bars, the number on the right indicates the regeneration for each bar
14. Hero skills, the yellow squares below the skill indicates the level of each skill, 4 squares means level 4
15. Show items on the stash (stash probably the hero circle)
16. Your gold and shop, you can drag the item into the black box for quick buy
17. Hero inventory (items)
18. In game health and mana bar (the mana bar only showed to the allies)

Well, i do love the new interface, but about you? Do you like it? Or there’s some part that you wanna change? Share with me on the comment section! :)

Credits to DotA 2 Blog

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