Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DotA 2 Beta Sign Up Started!

DOTA 2 Beta Sign Up has just opened. Now you could try your luck on applying the beta version of DOTA 2.
Interested? Here’s how!
How to Sign Up DOTA 2 Beta
1. Register for a Steam account in here
2. Login to DOTA 2 Steam website in here
3. Click Get on the list
4. Done!
Valve is scheduled the Public Beta sometime in the Fall. So, signing up doesn’t mean you will get the Beta version right now. But this procedure will get you on the list. And when Valve entering the Public Beta, they will let you have immediate access! (hopefully..)
Getting Your account creation request failed, please try again later. message? It seems the Steam site is overloaded and try to register again on another hour.

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