Monday, July 11, 2011

GarenaLive ExpHack v2.0.19.0 - UPDATED! [FIXED]

Finally I Found a garena hack which give me 300exp/15minutes :)


How to use:
Just download the file, extract it, run the file and click on Patch Garena.
For Auto-Multi Client, click on the MultiClient box and type in your Garena ID and pass and then press Patch Garena.
If the Multiclient option is ticked, you will automatically be logged in the first client with the information provided by you.

You can even choose the number of clients you want to open :)

[<>] ExpHack - 300/15 Minutes (3 Servers, Gold Member).
[<>] Can leave room while playing.
[<>] Room Chat Flood.
[<>] Exact Ping View.
[<>] Multi-Client Enabled
[<>] More to come!
[<>] Fixed a major bug.
[<>] Added Changelog Tab.
[<>] Fixed Auto-MultiClient Feature; Now the servers and ports will automatically be changed.
[<>] Added "Remember Password" option; auto-saves username and pass into an .ini file now.
[<>] Displays a message if the user is using a corrupted/different Garena.exe.
[<>] Changed icon and title.
[<>] Added "Send-To-Tray" function.

Special Thanks To:
xPass - For letting me view his codes.

Download -
(Pass- "")

Scan Here - False positives because of the Auto-Multi Client function.

Credits: Arcane(Main hack), GarenaZero(GUI, Auto multi-client funciton).

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