Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Klikator-Garena,Automatically Enter Garena Rooms as Free Member.

 Garena doesn't need to be focused so you can do whatever you want and you'll get notification about successful join.
Only hack used is (optional) "Remove 5 sec wait", and it doesn't change Garena files, only memory location. 


  • Automatic (auto) Garena Room joiner
  • Remove 5 seconds wait time between attempts
  • Notification when there's new Host
  • Notification when Host slots are full
  • Notification when Host starts or cancels game
  • Displays current Hosts and number of users in Room
  • Displays Host history
  • Works with newest Garena update (12-Aug-2010)
  • Works with multi-language (English and non-English) Garena versions

 P/S - This Is Not Hack!!!Garena will Not ban who use  this...

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