Saturday, December 11, 2010

Did You Know 1

If Prophet teleports and as barathrum casted nether strike on him, barathrum would also be teleported

Bone clinkz's searing arrow is not considered an orb effect

Purge cannot cancel Doom

Blademail's return stacks directly with Nerubian Assassin's skill, Spiked Carapace

Medusa has the lowest HP among all heroes

Gondar's Shuriken Toss, Balanar's Void, Luna's Lucent Beam, Zeus's Lightning Bolt, Doom's Lvl? Death, Magina's Mana Void, Azwraith's Spirit Lance and Terrorblade's Sunder have a small stun duration

Ogre Magi is the only melee hero whose primary attribute is intelligence

Lina was from an anime called "The Slayers"

Eul's Scepter of Divinity was named after the person who started the DotA legacy

You can use Balanar the Nightstalker's ultimate, Darkness, at night, to extend the duration of night time

Vodoo casting range is further than impale range

You can kill your own teamate when he is poisoned and on red hp

Images can benefit from Lord of Avenus' Mark of the Abyss

Double Helix can be triggered on Axe's images

Ursa is a ranged hero with small range

Red Dragon deals full splash damage to nearby units, while Blue Dragon only deals half the splash damage to nearby units

the maximum range of KOTL's Illuminate is longer than your experience range

All heroes have a natural magic resistance of 25%

Warpath can be triggered by Bristleback's images

If Axe has illusions they can also deal damage with helix

The first 2 levels of Enigma's conversions create Eidelons with normal attack, while the last 2 levels give Eidelons with piercing attack

If a hero has a skill which grants evasion, their skill will override any evasion given by an item. The evasion given by a butterfly overrides the evasion given by a Radiance, since it is a higher percent chance

Enchantress's Enchant can dominate mirror images

Images also has mana break from Diffusal Blade and Manta Style

A chicken can use the skills on such items as Dagon, Hand of Midas and Mekansm, provided they have items which increase their mana pool enough to use them (for example, an Energy Booster, Point Booster or Soul Booster)

Medusa was the name of the Serpent Goddess worshipped by Lybian Amazons, but was later reinvented in Greek mythology, as one of the Gorgons. Her gaze would turn people to stone

Chaos Knight has the highest initial speed at 325

Juggernaut's Ultimate skill has the same name as (Final Fantasy) Cloud Strife's Limitbreak, Omnislash

Axe's Culling Blade can go through Lord of Avenus' Borrowed Time

Spirit Bear movespeed can be upgraded to 380 by learning level 4 Synergy

Poison Nova and Poison Sting cannot kill units

You can actually destroy rune by attacking it

If Pudge gets doomed while roting, he can't turn it off

Area skills such as WaveForm, Shockwave, Carrion Swarm, hits invisible units like Boneclinkz while WindWalking

Eye of Skadi stacks with Maelstrom

Most buffs will be overridden by using Omniknight's Repel, Purge or Cyclone (there are exceptions, like Troll Warlord's Rampage)

Enchantress' Enchant can take control of images and Necronomicon warriors

A Dagon 5 costs more than a Divine Rapier

When N'aix levels up, he only gains 1.4 strength, compared to 1.5 intelligence and 4.05 agility, even though his primary attribute is strength!

Spirit Bear's Base Attack Time is lower than that of Anti-mage

DotA is a type of map known as an Aeon of Strife map. AoS was a custom game that originated in Starcraft, and has since been used as the basis for many custom maps

The only heroes that have random names are the Ursa Warrior and the Nerubian Assassin

King Leoric is based on the skeleton king in Diablo

Roshan can block a spell once every 15 seconds

Corpses will reflect Echos if Earthshaker uses Echo Slam near the corpses

Nerubian Weaver can achieve the maximum movespeed (522) in the game by using her skill, Shukuchi (no other items are required)

Lucifer is a fallen angel in christian beliefs

Crystal Maiden's Brilliance Aura does not stack with Ring of Basilius' Brilliance Aura, Necronomicon Archer's Endurance Aura does not stack with Centaur Khan (neutral creep)'s Endurance Aura, and Vengeful Spirit's Command Aura does not stack with Polar Ursa Furbolg Warrior (neutral creep)'s Command Aura

The fountain regenerate 4% of your maximum HP and MP per second

Rikimaru was a ninja from a game called Tenchu

If you have two of an item which has an active ability (for example, Dagon or Hand of Midas), by using the ability of one of them, both are put into cooldown, but the ability is used only once

There's no female hero whose primary is strength

Maim, Monkey King Bar's bonus stun, Bashers, and Buriza's critical attack will override Medusa's Split Shot when any one of those is triggered

Berserker's Rage gives you bonus hp, armor, and base damage in melee form

The Phantom Lancer's model is based on a creature from the game Final Fantasy

Zeus's Wrath of ThunderGod gives a 1 second illumination an area of 500 range around all enemy hero

The AoE of Naga Siren's level 3 Song of Siren is larger than a screen

Crystal Maiden's Level 4 Brilliance Aura only increases nearby friendly unit's mana regeneration by 1.33 mana per second only

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